About Eco Patrol  

I was born in Southern New Jersey. I graduated from Rutgers University and received a Bachelors degree in Science. I practiced nursing and radiology for many years. During these years I became aware to why so many diseases are surrounding us today. I am a caregiver in many ways and helping my loved ones through their health ordeals has brought me to a higher awareness path.

My mother, who I truly loved died at the young age of 60 from cancer. I am positive her illness was related to the toxic water, foods and products on our market today. Our environment and health is declining everyday due to the foods and products we purchase. I created Convictions of the Heart 10 yrs ago as a steppingstone to help humanity become aware of their health and the beautiful environment around them.

We sell an array of green commerical products and have an online store and library for residential customers. My journey with Convictions of the Heart has led me to creating Eco Patrol Foundation.

Our environment and health is declining everyday due to the foods and products we purchase. I created Eco Patrol Foundation so we can inform you, the customer, of the precautions you can take in your daily life to live a chemical free lifestyle, save money and support companies who care about your health and our planet. In essence,we can choose which products we purchase with our hard earned money. Wouldn't you rather buy Eco-friendly products that are comparable priced? You can rest assured they're intended for creating health and wellness for your family, and they're in harmony with the earth.

My mission is creating awareness among you and your families so we can all transform our power of knowledge thru educating others. I say, "In order for something good to happen someone has to do something, however that something can't be achieved without a team."  I appreciate you taking the time to read my bio and look forward to meeting you in the future.  One earth, one sky, one life!

Helena Rey

Founder, Eco Patrol Foundation

Helena Rey
Helena Rey, President
Eco Patrol Foundation

Ken was a contributor / technical consultant on many internet related technical books to include some Apache and DOS series books and is published in India based on his work on the CAC and other loose coupling, translation systems.

Ken is responsible for co-creating and structuring Eco Patrol Foundation. While providing art and techinical direction, he reviews the architecture as it expands and dicusses the impact on Eco Patrol's model as it evolves. Ken also leads discussions on branding as well as look and feel. Ken is also the voice of Wilbur the Ranger.

Ken Empie
Ken Empie


My name is Wilbur and I am the real Wilbur Eco Patrol Ranger. My mommie and I live green. I enjoy organic foods and I love to eat fresh grass. I help my mommie everyday by giving her lots of unconditional love. I am happy to be part of my mommie's company which makes the world a better place!

Wilbur The Ranger