about us

Our Mission

Eco Patrol was founded in 2005. Our mission has always been to teach others how to live in harmony with the planet. We believe in turn it improves the quality of your life. 

Eco Patrols' objective has always been to lead you and your family to a healthier, safer, and more sustainable lifestyle.


The Earth is such a beautiful place.  Our job is to protect it. Our future generations will appreciate us for doing this.

About The Founder

Helena Rey


I'm currently an energy healer. I practiced nursing and radiology for many years. During these years, I became aware as to why there are so many diseases surrounding us today. I am a caregiver in many ways, and helping my loved ones through their health ordeals has brought me to a higher spiritual awareness path.



My mother, who I truly loved, died at the young age of 60 from ovarian cancer. I am positive her illness was related to the toxic water, foods, and products on our market today. 


Our environment and health are declining every day due to the foods and products we purchase. I created the Eco Patrol Foundation in 2005 to help humanity become aware of their health and the beautiful environment around them.


 Eco Patrol Foundation is here to help you take the precautions in your daily life to live a chemical free lifestyle, save money, and support companies who care about your health and our planet. 


My mission is creating awareness among you and your families so we can all transform our power of knowledge thru educating others and with our purchasing power.  

 I appreciate you taking the time to read my bio and perhaps meeting you in the future.  One earth, one sky, one life.

Helena Rey

Founder, Eco Patrol International